Wednesday, June 14, 2006

United States Army

Two hundred thirty-one years ago today, when Britain owned our country and only a few men had the nerve to cry “enough!”, a small but determined band was organized. Before there was even an America, there was the American Army. These brave men took on the British and all the odds against them, and made the world better through their courage and sacrifice.

That legacy lives on in today’s generation. Say it loud, say it proud: “Happy Birthday, ARMY!”


Anonymous said...

Outstanding !

Could they have foreseen, the US ARMY would become a part of the most powerful, most professional, most ethical Military Force ever created?

Or, have invisioned the US ARMY's endless accomplishments, influence, victories?

Steve Falcon said...

Happy Birthday US Army! Thank you (and all other miltary branches) for the freedom we enjoy.

OT - DJ, you'll be happy to know that I have joined the team at Hang Right Politics! I'm very excited about the opportunity. Especially so because you have it listed in your Strong Agreement blogroll.

I'll still be blogging at my site as well but being at HRP will be a good fit for me.