Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Guest Gig?

Well, well, well. Polipundit is asking for guest bloggers. Says the site owner:

“If you’ve been commenting a lot at this or other blogs, why not try guest-blogging? I can’t provide any monetary compensation for now. But you’ll be able to say that you write at a popular blog that gets tens of thousands of readers a day."

I wonder what would happen if I applied?


Steve Falcon said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now, DJ, THAT would be a great reply email to read!

Big Mo said...

I thought the group blog experiment was over at PoliKos?

Or will there be a litmus test, that you may only blog if you agree with the Kommandant 100% of the time?

smh10 said...

Sounds like a bit a desperation huh?

Guess Poli and Oakleaf just can't cut it alone. What a shame!

mj said...


Sure does not look like desperation to me.

Most of you wrote that site off for dead weeks ago.

Looks like Oak Leaf put a stop to your gloating.

Also, Polipundit was on a major downward slope from October 2005 (Harriet Miers) until April 2006. That was before the May dust up!!

Have you noticed the tone of the site? Looks like he accomplished what you guys wanted that Byrd/Drummond/Mclure were unable to do. He is also doing it without being disrespectful to Polipundit.

smh10 said...


No one was gloating but I am sorry that you cannot see that the treatment that DJ, Lorie, Alexander and Jayson was childish.

Most liberals IMHO live by numbers alone, polls, hits on site meters, etc.

The quality of what was written was the primary reason most of us frequented Polipundit and the majority of that quality did not originate with the site owner.

I am pleased for the site if it has maintained its' readership..that is what American is all about, freedom of opinions, thoughts and writings.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on Poli's numbers, I am certain not many of us bother to do the same.

And for the desperation part, I don't think Oak Leaf can carry the site alone and if past performance is any indication, the posts from Poli can become quite scarce. Good luck there and happy reading.

Seriouslyunserious said...

the majority of that quality did not originate with the site owner.

You can say that again ( and still ).

Mark L said...

It might be worth noting that while Follypundit has slipped from the 40s to the high 80s on the ecosystem, Lorie Byrd is now blogging on one of the top 10 traffic sites (Wizbang).

BTW, Follypundit's average still includes the period immediately after the Monday Night Massacree when the numbers doubled. Once that works its way through Follypundit should drop out of the top hundred.

D.J., Lorie, and Alex are now blogging at Wizbang Politics. It seems that they now have a much bigger microphone than they had a little over a month ago, while Follypundit's has grown smaller.

JB said...

"But you’ll be able to say that you write at a popular blog that gets tens of thousands of readers a day."

Wishful thinking or good old lying, the kind he accuses the president of?

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Gee, maybe Polipundit regrets canning the guest bloggers who disagreed with him...

4score said...

While I certainly see why DJ and the others would be annoyed by this I find it interesting that some insist on wishing the worst for the PP site. I didn't realise there was a compatition going on. What's that about? I mean as if two days later the blowup if asked any of the prior guests would have agreed to come back. So pp is adding some more guests, I say good for PP and good for the guests. The others have already moved on to a bigger microphone as someone already mentioned so why the concern?

smh10 said...


Not competition or concern.

It is called loyalty to those who have given many of us many hours of thoughtful writing. That's it, plain and simple.

USMC Pilot said...

Message to PP's new bloggers:

Make sure Poli proofs your post before you post it!

Stephen Johnson said...

I wish PoliPundit the best of luck - provided that he gives the "Jorge Arbusto" schtick a rest. If he doesn't, he deserves what he gets.

You can oppose Bush's position on immigration - I do, myself - without going Kosian.

The new bloggers have the task of getting new viewers to come to (and return to) the site. PoliPundit's recent posts will show them how NOT to do it. Since Oak Leaf has taken over most of the blogging, the bleeding of site traffic has stopped, and has even shown a modest rebound.

tryptich said...

Oak Leaf has been carrying easily 95% of the entire load on He's actually a decent blogger, but the fact remains that Polipundit went off the deep end following the May 1 rallies and that Oak Leaf rather sycophantically went with him, and took the reins even though as an officer he was blogging for a site who's eponymous/owner/blogger had called the CIC a 'traitor' and an 'agent of Mexico'.

Oak Leaf appears to be trying to bring the site back to the mainstream after the Monday Night Massacre and Poli's inability to blog about anything other than illegal immigration, Jorge Arbusto and the DaVinci Code.

Nevertheless, the site is home to so-called conservatives who decided that their position on illegal immigration was more important than the WOT. That puts them in the same camp as the KOSsacks and the DUmmmies, and if has collected the dregs of the GOP in order to keep its numbers up, bully for them. Until they come back on the reservation, though, they should be treated like the enemey.

Back on the reservation or not, however, Poli is still a weenie.

Jeanette said...

One reason we started Hang Right Politics was to separate our religious blogging from our political blogging. The other reason, just as important, was we were seeing so many people saying they were going to stay away from the polls on election day because they didn't agree with the Illegal Immigration issue.

I don't agree with the president's policy either, but I refuse to call him a traitor, guilty of treason, el Presidente, Jorge Arbusto etc. I would never put up a poll on my web site asking people if they agree we should impeach the president due to his stand on illegal immigration. Even when that was done Poli was defeated two to one the last I saw and that's about the last post I saw from Poli until he started searching for new writers.

He can't pay them though. I noticed he has cut back on his advertising rate.

I hold no grudge against the site and I wish them well, but I cannot mingle with people who willingly went along with ridiculing our president over one issue.

We started our site to remind Repulblicans and Conservatives to vote Republican in November and not stay home. Right now that's our driving theme. I will never be a part of an organization that asks people to not exercise their right and their privilege to vote.

You are much better off at Wizbang Politics, DJ, as are Lorie and AKM.

Mr. Right said...

I myself used to visit PoliPundit several times a day at one point, because there was always something new and interesting being posted by a variety of very solid bloggers, and the comment threads were often thought provoking and fun to read.

Since last fall, the tone there changed and conservatives began to eat their own to the endless delight of the witless little trolls who frequented the place. Also, the open threads where I used to enjoy visiting with a variety of the commenters disappeared. I stopped showing up as often, but I still popped in several times a week to check out the 4 "guest bloggers" (Poli hardly ever seemed to post much, anyway) and peruse an occasional thread or two, but I was reduced to lurking (I didn't leave many comments anymore).

Immediately before the massacre, I pretty much had given up on the site and was checking from time to time, hoping the immigration feud would blow over, as it was becoming tedious. I disagreed with the President and the party line, but many of the folks there were going bonkers and threatening to throw everything away because of one issue. I find that attitude rather stupid and childish.

After DJ, Lorie, Alex and JJ were dumped, I didn't think I'd go back at all. When Poli recruited Oak Leaf, however, I knew that would not be the case because I have a lot of respect for him and was interested in what he had to say. He also started offering olive branches to me and some of the other regulars who had left.

When we left comments at the site, however, many of Poli's loyalists were quick to tell us to get lost. (Sigh.) I still hope we can heal some of the divisions between us before the fall election. To see the kook base of the Dems claim any sort of victory would, in my opinion, be tragic for this nation.

I will continue to visit PoliPundit on a limited basis to follow Oak Leaf and see what some of the new posters have to offer. The Ace is another recent recruit who could be a real find. I will likely skip right over Poli's own posts and won't be checking very many comment threads or offering many comments of my own. I've had it with the vitriol!

I will also be following Wizbang Politics with great interest. Though it doesn't get updated frequently enough yet to gain the following of a mega-blog like Wizbang's main site, I look forward to watching it grow. I also plan on continuing to visit Lorie & DJ at their own sites.

Keep up the good work, DJ, and keep the faith! Together we can bring the GOP home to another triumph in the fall, with a little assist from the noisy idiots on the left who keep proving to rational people everywhere that they have absolutely no business whatsoever running anything in this country!