Friday, June 16, 2006

Michelle Malkin As Lois Lane

Some people are just never happy. I remember the anecdote of the man who won the lottery, only to complain because that meant he’d have to pay more in taxes. There’s a lot of people like that, and well, some of them write blogs.

A good case in point is Michelle Malkin, whose memory of recent history is about as bad as John Kerry’s memories of the late 1960s. President George W. Bush gets America into the fight against Terrorism, answering the 9/11 attacks in a deliberate and measured response, but one which goes to the heart of the crisis. But Michelle has forgotten that. He gets a series of tax cuts for ordinary Americans, which pulls America out of a recession, and ironically also increases federal revenue. But Michelle does not remember any of that. Dubya said and did the right things, over and over again, in all the most important fights, from getting competent non-revisionist judges on the Federal bench and Supreme Court to forward-thinking proposals to improve security and maintain the stability of America’s future in education, medicine, tax reform, and border security. Yet Michelle seems oblivious to it all. Why? Well, it seems that Michelle blames Bush for the current Illegals problem, and seems to think that he should have taken care of this issue, single-handedly if necessary. Never mind what the Constitution says about laws coming out of Congress, never mind the practical problems surrounding prior laws which have never been enforced, the attitudes of legislators who are more turf-protectors than Conservatives, or the limitations of resources and circumstances. And since Dubs won’t be everything she wants him to be, Michelle Malkin has joined the band of malcontents trashing the President.

This would not bother me in most cases, save that attacking the leader of your party and nation, and by the way the Commander-In-Chief of the military, is a common tactic of the Left but out of line for the Right. Disagreement is one thing, but the vitriol from Conservatives only fuels the ambition of Democrats and confuses the public. It is also dishonest in the extreme to attach things to the President which he has never said or done, which is increasingly common to the Rabies Wing of the Conservative Movement. This can only lead to losses in the coming election, which means that as much as they deny it, the spiteful Conservatives are actually working to give power to the Left. I’m sure Harry Reid will send you a nice thank-you note.

But what’s the deal? Any objective review of the Dubya Administration shows that he has been true to the nation, the party, and the people, so why would Conservatives go barmy now? Some of it is History of course; I am old enough to remember how Conservatives started treating Reagan around 1986, how they deserted Ford in 1976, how they ran away from Newt Gingrich around 1998; the support for Conservative leaders is fleeting, and it is a foolish man who trusts such fickle advocates. But to the question, it comes, believe it or not, as a casualty brought by success. The leader does a thing or two which accomplishes a victory, sometimes a great one, and from then on these people expect miracles on a daily basis. Just as the Israelites in the desert knew Moses had performed miracles by the strength from God, but demanded more and more from him, so today Conservatives see what Dubya has done, and their appetite only grows stronger and their gratitude dies out. So what, if Dubya was the first man to understand that we had to take the war to the terrorists if we wanted America safe? So what, if Dubya was the first President ever to try to change Social Security from a scam to a functional system? So what, if Dubya was responsible for two critically important Supreme Court nominees? If they didn’t get it all, Team Rabies could be counted upon to attack the man to whom they owed the most.

George W. Bush is like Superman; no matter how good a job he does, it will never be more than they expect. The very success of his work is his kryptonite. Liberals and CINOs alike pretend that because America whipped Al Qaeda, it was somehow never really a threat. Somehow, Justices Roberts and Alito don’t really matter in the course of the nation. And so on. And just as Superman was never quite good enough for Lois Lane, but had to keep proving himself over and over again (or why else was it, exactly, that Lane was always getting into serious trouble which required Super-intervention), so it is for the likes of Michelle Malkin, that the best President in more than a generation can never be given his due.


Anonymous said...

* Totally agree, and appreciate the comments.

Thank you...

I remember when Ms. Malkin called Ms. Meirs a 'bellhop'...

I like Ms. Malkin and appreciate her work.

She is however, after all, a reporter, who has never governed anything in my understanding.

She is demanding, which is positive, and savvy, but cynics often lose objectivity.

Pawnking said...

DJ, Although I often agree with Ms. Malkin, I often disagree with the incendiary way she makes her points. It's reminiscent of one Ms. Coulter.

For all the grief that Rush gets, I have to say that he doesn't really slander people like this unless in an obvious parody of vocabulary of the angry left. Most of his most cutting criticism involves simply using his opponent's words against him. With him, the ideas are what count.

I dislike the personal attacks that so many on the left and some on the right use. It denegrates the attacker as much as the attacked, and overall distracts from the basic argument of ideals which is the basis of our politics. It has no place in a classy organization.

smh10 said...

I do admire Michelle Malkin for the tireless work she does on many occasions to defend our US military.

That being said, I do not respect her for her inability to accept those who disagree with her on many topics. When you simply dismiss anothers thoughts and ideas because they are not in line with your own you squash all discussion.

The personal attacks being bandied about on both sides have accomplished nothing positive rather they have divided even individuals who once had the ability to discuss issues. Ms. Malkin is at fault especially on the immigration issue for shutting down any opposing viewpoint.

Dj, I do believe this, history will write GWB as one of the greats and I will be proud to tell my grandkids what a truly remarkable President he was.

megan said...

DJ, President Bush has done what he said he'd do. I am proud to call him - Mr. President. That being said, even with the border issues, I think this man was and is the RIGHT MAN FOR THIS TIME. I fear that if we conservatives do not get our acts together -- we will open ourselves up to another "ross perot" and end up with someone who will be our worst nightmare.

kitty said...

Yes yes yes, MM has written great columns and done great work. I've been following her career for years now. But let's face it: MM has gotten too big for her britches.