Friday, June 02, 2006

The President’s Speech, Part 6 – Summary: Where Do We Go From Here?


I deliberately took my time in discussing the different parts of the May 15 speech by President Bush on Immigration and Border Security Reform. As I have said, but many ignore, this is actually several complex and heated issues, which need to be separated for proper attention and action. We need to address Border Security, Alien Entry Protocols, and Immigration Reform. We have to decide on a consistent strategy for each, determine the broad overview of how each would work, and how we will pay for it. And we have to shut down the mob attitude, so that the adults can get some work done. I’m not saying people can’t do their ‘shout n stomp’ act if that is something they fell they must indulge, but the name-calling and scare-mongering does not deserve any attention from decision-makers, to say nothing of the focus these feces-flingers are demanding. To recall the old adage, just because you can put a dog in a ballgown does not make it a debutante.

I have mentioned that valid entrants into the United States are actually five classes; Citizens, Legal Residents, Work-Authorized Visitors, Education-Authorized Visitors, and General Temporary Visitors, like tourists. This implies that Illegals may similarly be classified into separate groups, depending on the threat level they represent. Also, any plan to address the problem must deal with three large demographics; Illegals still in the U.S., local law enforcement, and the many millions who still want to get here. One common trait of the foam-faced ranters, is that they toss off bumper-sticker solutions with not a thought to the ramifications of their implementation. Not a word about how laws which have not been enforced for decades, will now suddenly be made to work. Not a word about how to sell additional bureaucracy to small businesses already fed up with federal red tape, expense and obstacles. Not a word about how law enforcement is expected to observe civil rights while treating one race to a secondary standard in actual practice. Not a word about the allocation of resources, deciding between known threats and hypothetical ones for delivery of tools and monies. And not a word about the political reality of a party determined to make political gain by casting the governing party in a racist light, regardless of the actual facts.

So OK, we realize the cranky children aren’t discussing the problems. What do the adults do? First, it needs the right focus. Americans are very good at finding pragmatic yet moral solutions, so the lead belongs with us, the average Joes and Janes, to tell them what we expect and why. Be polite, be direct, and be specific. And be reasonable; for whatever reason, we should be ready to accept half a loaf instead of a whole, and incremental improvements if we cannot get a major initiative. And the things we should be able to agree on, are not really controversial for most folks:

• Control the border with sensors, surveillance, and yes, a good fence
• DHS needs to provide profiles of the most dangerous threats coming across our border, be it terrorist cells, violent gangs, drug cartels, or something else. Let’s see budgets and specific teams set up to act on the best information about the worst threats.
• A Guest Worker program provides a strong incentive for foreigners to participate in identification and documentation processes, which makes location and deportation much easier, should that become necessary. Establish reasonable temporary terms of permits, but with clear enforcement parameters.
• Let’s review the whole thing annually, and adjust, fix, or replace whatever is not working as advertised.

But do not wait for the media to get on board; we have to lead ourselves. Do not trust Congress to do the right thing, but make your intentions known. And whatever happens, pick a side and stick with it. If you cannot accept a serious responsibility to support the Republicans and work for their gain, then be honest enough to understand that you are by default choosing to support the Democrats and working for their control. In the primaries and at your local level, you can and certainly should support and advance the ideals you hold true, and work for the candidates which match your ideals. But once it’s time for the General Election, you are on one side or the other, and pretending not supporting Republicans will do anything good for the country is both dishonest and mutinous. Not once in History has losing control of Congress or reduced strength after an election led Republicans to become more Conservative, or responsive to their constituents. Quite the opposite; the historical model shows over and over again, that when Republicans lose seats they inevitably think the public prefers the Democrats, and so more and more Republicans start to act like Democrats. That is the sole effect of sitting out an election if you are a Conservative; more Democrat control and less Republican courage. It’s the way of Gerald Ford, not Reagan or Dubya.


Anonymous said...

"Not a word about how to sell additional bureaucracy to small businesses already fed up with federal red tape, expense and obstacles."

Thank you Mr. Drummond...

Again, you lead with very fine reasoned effort, as sharp as ever...

It is true, if a politician loses an election, they tend to adopt the winners agenda.

I will never forget, Bill Clinton's deceitful declaration, 'the days of big government being over'.

Certainly, a dishonest effort to create a facade, embracing the successful message of Reagan Agenda.

Abandoning one's interest is not the answer. Voting is essential. Running away never got the job done. Frustrations are understandable, but i believe we will surprise many yet again this fall.

Anonymous said...


How in the hell do we get what you just said out to the public?

My experience with the Mexicans is that they want multiple jobs for 10 years, at which time they can go back to Mexico and live like kings for the rest of their lives. Citizenship for most of them is not an issue, and should not be for us.

It is my strong belief that at sometime in the not to distant future we will have to fix the problems in Mexico, by force if necessary. Mexico realy isn't that different than Iraq when it come to human rights. Anyone with money in that country, who isn't a part of the establishment, is subject to having it taken away.

I have been told that the reason the Mexicans don't drive the cars that they purchase here back to Mexico, is that the police will cinfiscate them before they can reach their home province.

Anonymous said...

DJ Thanks for the mature commentary.

You might strike the word "mutinous" and substitute "mindless" to describe conservatives so embittered that they would be willing to surrender all out of spite.

Anonymous said...

Good post DJ.

One of the problems of the 'temp worker' is access. For the worker and the mom/pop employer. This is an area that common sense needs to be implemented. The entire process is too complicated for both parties. It need not be.

Yes, usmc pilot, that is always a fear. You are saying what I have advocated for years. We needed to do all we could to help the mess in Mexico. They are our neigbors, mostly Catholic family oriented. I do not have a problem with them returning to Mexico (but I sure would like to see them documented while here). I do not have a problem with a pathway to citizenship for the ones that have been here many years and choose to be Americans.

I do not like the Senate PC give-aways nor the House felons. What a mess.

We just need to plug the holes and get control of the system.

Paul Hooson said...

You're a very good writer, DJ, and I'm very happy that you are soldiering on after the situation that Polipundit brought on himself with his recent hardline on the immigration issue.

Your writing is always top notch and I sincerely wish you the very best and I hope the recent sadness in your family is healing with the touch of God.

Adjoran said...

Any "solution" to the immigration problem must address the three critical areas:

1) Border security. We need to control the number of people entering, and know who they are, why they are here, and when they are going back.

2) Labor needs. We must recognize that those adults who are here illegally are for the most part here to work, and that we do not have Americans willing and able to do most of the work now being done by illegals. We need to bring the illegals into the light, so they can be governed and taxed. We also need to address the ongoing labor needs of our economy.

3) Mexico is the "Sick Man of North America." So long as Mexico remains in a state of perpetual recession, there will be an exodus of workers from there to better economies - and that don't mean Guatemala, Chomsky. With their natural and human resources, favorable climate, and ideal location next to the world's biggest and richest market, they should be among the leading lights of the developing nations, growing at 8-10% per year and rivalling China for economic influence in the world.

Instead, endemic corruption, overtaxation and overregulation have given Mexico a growth rate of 2% or less, which is bad enough for industrial economies like France, but devastating to a developing one.

No "solution" which fails to address all three areas is mere window dressing.