Monday, June 30, 2008

The W Factor, Still Alive

Over on Wizbang, I put up an approval poll on Dubs. As expected, regular people think he’s doing a pretty good job. Not perfect of course, but a whole lot better than he gets credit for. I always thought so, not least because I have watched the guy since he was running for Texas governor when I didn’t know much about him and thought he was not all that big a deal. Funny thing about W, folks have been trashing him for years, and it never sticks, not where it matters, It’s not Teflon, because there are a lot of folks who get their jollies smearing the guy, wishing he were assassinated, comparing him to all sorts of brutal leaders (even as their own party coddles just such monsters, but that’s nothing new, either), insulting him and ignoring every accomplishment he does, even as empty suits like Barack Obama cruise to high popularity and fund-raising success precisely because he has nothing in his resume but boasts and ego. I think it’s because we recognize, at some deep level, the fact that there is always a guy we can depend on. He’s not the smartest, maybe, but he gets the job done. He’s not the smoothest talker, but he says what he means. He’s not a favorite with Hollywood or the media, but he sticks to his core principles and pays whatever it costs to stay true to the most critical missions. In any town, there are people who get their picture in the paper, and there are people you can call when your car breaks down in the pouring rain at 3 AM. There are people who have millions in the bank, and there are people who don’t have much but they will make sure you have what you need. There are people who can impress you with how smart they are, and there are people you can trust to keep their word. Folks like Bush, they’re not glamorous or slick or witty. But you can depend on them. This fall, both of the candidates might want to think about the fact that for millions of us voters, we may like a good show but we will only trust the nation’s leadership to a man we can trust to mean what he says, to do what he promises, and to carry on even when everyone – including some of his best former buddies –deserts him for a few bucks and the limelight. Bush is going home after this term, but that doesn’t mean the nation does not still need someone a lot like him.

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Sara (Pal2Pal) said...

Funny, this is the third blog post I've read today on the issue of trust. And on the same day that I finally sat down and wrote John McCain a letter about the very same subject. I respect McCain but I don't trust him, at least not the way I do GWB.

My big beef with McCain is that I don't think he really wants or values my vote. Every time there is an issue where Republicans (note not conservatives, but old-fashioned Republicans) would rally and get behind McCain, he cuts the rug right out from under us, while at the same time, playing nicety nice with the other side.

I wonder sometimes if all he wanted was to prove he could win the nomination to get even for 2000 and now that he has accomplished that goal, his interest in taking it any further has waned.

So I wrote and asked him today why he didn't want my vote. Why it was less valuable to him than the vote of someone on the left? I won't get any kind of response because he really doesn't care about my vote.