Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blogs I Read Every Day


I am in the process of updating my Blogroll. But in addition to that, people have asked me what blogs I read, and what I find interesting. I read quite a bit, and so I visit probably 30-40 blogs in a day, sometimes flitting through like a bee on its way to somewhere else, but other times I find an article compelling, and I read it with all the dedication I give to Scripture.

My first stop of the day varies a bit, but most of the time I head to Chris Muir’s cartoon, ‘Day By Day’. If Muir is not rich and famous for his work, it just proves the world is not just. We kind of already know that, but even so, Muir is amazingly witty and talented.

After that, I set my barometer by taking a look at Real Clear Politics. RCP is a good overview of the media, although I have to say it’s been less than impressive of late. Something about the recent Op-Eds just seems stale and dull, but hopefully that’s just because the MSM harps about the same old garbage.

After that, I am ready for a blog of the more regular sort, and for that I usually start at Betsy’s Page. Betsy Newmark does not write long pieces, but she’s very good at picking the significant articles of the day, and so she provides a guide for where to look in the Blogosphere.

After that, these days I check out something if Betsy’s Page points out something, but after that I head to Lorie Byrd, not only to see how she’s doing, but also because Lorie is simply fun to read. Makes my coffee taste better, to not grind my teeth while I’m sipping my caffeine.

Now, I have heard a lot about how people are never going back to Polipundit again. But I do, for a number of reasons. For one thing, I still consider the site owner a friend of mine, and I wish blessings on all my friends. Second, I admit to a certain morbid curiosity as to how the site is doing. And third, I have a more than sneaking suspicion that two of the regular commentors will start writing articles. It’s sort of happening now, with Poli posting articles sent by the commentors to him by e-mail. Hey, whatever works.

Obviously, I check in on A.K. McClure over at Redstate, and I will be visiting Wizbang! more often since Lorie will be there, though I have to say that something about that blog always bugged me, so for now they won’t be on the blogroll. That could change, if Lorie has the effect I hope.

I also like to visit Michael Yon’s site, “Micheal Yon: Online Magazine”, for the obvious reason that I prefer first-hand reports about the War in Iraq, to anything the overpaid nominal media has to offer.

For the same reason, I also regularly visit Bill Roggio’s “Fourth Rail”; Bill has done an amazing job on several levels, and his understanding of the strategic context of the region is required reading for anyone who wants to understand American Foreign Policy.

More later, but that’s how I start my mornings, and I recommend these sites to everyone.


smh1012 said...

Some good choices there..agreed on RCP. I don't think they have the iversity when I began reading them a while back.

As for Redstate and Wizbang..Not a lot of interest other than the oldies from Polipundit.

Love Betsy's Page and Michael Yon.

Polipundit, sorry dropped permanently.

How about AJ Strata or Macranger over at MacsMind...I have seen some of their readers here in your comment section. Just a thought.

By the way, nice choice for your MBA and best of luck with the whole process.

Chris Muir said...

The world is not just.

Now I shall sing, accompanied by the world's tiniest violin...

Seriously, thanks DJ, you're one of the Old-Tyme Readers® of DBD, and you will need the shots of course.

Guess what? I got a fever. And the only prescription is more Byrd!

Perhaps I best leave that to Walken.