Friday, May 26, 2006

A Thought for the Weekend


A lot of people are getting ready to go driving this Memorial Day weekend. And that means a lot of people will be tanking up their cars, and probably complaining about the price of gas. It seems appropriate to me, to remind those folks of something I wrote back in August 2004:

The next time you tank up, you might think better about the men who work hard to bring you gasoline for your car, your heating fuel, or any number of petroleum by-products. Some just work their butts off to do that, some risk their butts to get the job done.”

Please click the link and read it. The man deserves to not be forgotten.


Rich said...

I lived in Wichita KS in the late 80s. I saw all the oilmen losing their jobs because of the cheap oil. No one cared then. All the small exploration companies went out of business. Now we just have the mega-corporations. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

thank you Mr. Drummond...
have a good weekend...

best wishes.

way off topic:
Are all the Women in TEXAS gorgeous?

The Listkeeper said...

Red was the Real Deal, alright...and my dad was always proud to do business with him.