Monday, May 22, 2006

Terra Firma


The people who hate Dubya have really been noisy of late. One thing which has followed me over here from my old blogplace, is the habit of some who dwell on only one issue, who now find it impossible to reconcile my support for the President with some common-sense statements I have made on their pet issue.

Now I have mentioned before, that my perspective on George W. Bush is colored by the fact that I know the man, and his family; he simply does not lie, nor does he make promises unless he does his level best to keep them. Anyone who knows his mother Barbara, frankly, would expect no less. But even if you just judge the man by his public record, his positions on major issues have been long known, and he has been faithful to his promise for a very long time.

This is not to say that a Republican or Conservative may not disagree on a given issue or plan of action. I certainly differ from President Bush on certain items. That said, I have no taste for those whose difference on an issue is taken as license to defame the man. On the issue which has taken the extremists’ attention the most over the past month, the President’s policies and initiatives have been consistent and reasonable, yet many have claimed he was somehow “lying”. Presented with evidence that the President has not lied but has been consistent all along, they react by calling their opponents names. And this is the problem which plagues the condition for the Fall elections.

The facts are these; throughout the history of the Republican Party, the GOP has always represented reform, relative to the Democrats. And from time to time, parts of the GOP have chosen to “punish” the party for not falling in line with extremist demands, ‘extremist’ being defined not as a position with which I disagree, but single issues on which those persons demand complete control and obedience, threatening boycott or defection if their terms are not met. The technical term is ‘extortion’, and it has no place in Conservative politics. In historical context, such behavior has, without exception, resulted in weaker Republican control and influence, and since the Democrats in no way support Conservative interests, such actions inevitably worsen conditions from the perspective of any rational Conservative. Or to put it bluntly, if anyone is lying, it is the person who tries to claim that refusing to support Republicans is anything but supporting the possibility of Democrat control of Congress – after all, refusing to support Republicans increases the chances of Democrats winning, and increasing the chances of Democrats winning this fall can only increase their chance of taking over control of one or both chambers of Congress. The extremists have tried to deny this, but it’s really simple math.

The extremists also ignore a critical point in the nature of national politics; no one measures a political party by support for a Senator or Congressmen. We do not think of the 1990s as the “Foley Era”, or the 1980s as the “Tip O’Neill Years”. No, history always treats time segments by the President in office at the time, and again without exception, things work when the party in power supports the President, and they fall apart whenever the party refuses to support the elected leader of the Free World. As someone has mentioned, elections have consequences, and this is never more true than when we discuss the President of the United States. Liberals would love to pretend that George W. Bush does not have a mandate because he was elected, but the truth is, he does in fact have just such a mandate. This is why the people who have succeeded in trashing his Job Approval ratings by refusing to stand with him, have poisoned their own numbers even more so. And people who make the choice to publicly attack the President when he is from their own party, do not generally do well in their re-election bids.

And finally, if the man’s proven character, the need for Republicans to support the President in order to advance Conservative agenda, and the desirability of simply being honest about him are not enough, I would remind the audience that President George W. Bush is personally and directly responsible for policies which resulted in the end of Saddam Hussein’s reign in Iraq, replete as it was with prisons and torture rooms, even for children. It was President George W. Bush who ignored the pee-their-pants posturing of the media and sent troops in to remove the Taliban from control of Afghanistan. It was President George W. Bush who calmed the nation after 9/11, and who reminded the world that America was in a war against Terrorism, not Islam. And yes, it was President George W. Bush, who proposed tax cuts long overdue for Americans, which effect spurred the economy back into motion, and who had the courage to propose reform for Social Security. And yes, it was George W. Bush whose judicial nominations have been solidly founded on a philosophy opposed to Judicial Activism, and in support of Constitutional compliance.

I know where I stand, and why. And my ideals require me to support the President of the United States, George W. Bush.


Pawnking said...

DJ, I was sorry to hear you had left I've been a fan of yours and theirs for years, but you were my favorite.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your stuff as the years continue to roll by. Reading your well-researched articles, all I can say is that I pity any liberals who argue with you.

It's a shame that the immigration issue is proving so devisive. I wonder how it will affect the next general election?

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Agreed 100%.

Cynical Observer said...

Have you noticed that certain elements of the right-of-center politics are very, very big on "punishment" these days (not only politicians, but immigrants and anyone else who interferes with their ideology)? What a great way to win friends and influence people and to advance the Conservative agenda - punish them!

Anonymous said...

I stand shoulder to should with you and President George W Bush!

[BTW: I'm soooooooooooooo happy you and Lorie decided to leave polipundit . . . Now I need not visit that site ever again!]

MFG said...

You have writing talent, DJ

That's for sure!

Mark L. said...

Well said.

nk said...

I do not know the President personally but I consider him an ordinarily decent and honorable man who loves America and is doing what he thinks is best for her. I am very grateful to him for the war against terror, tax cuts, Roberts and Alito. I wish he had pushed a Right to Life Amendment and I disagree with him bitterly on immigration but that does not make me want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. On the other hand, I understand that he, himself, likes making up nicknames for people so I don't feel guilty for calling him "Shrub" or "El Presidente".

Anonymous said...

ok, but some people don't live in armed compounds like the Bushes, Castro and Hugo Chavez so maybe they
don't care to import more lawbreakers.
Why did the GOP impeach clinton after all he had a really good reason to break the law just like Bush's new friends. Also if Bush had an Afghan housekeeper instead of a Mex would he
be explaining away the Muslin crimes.
After all they've murdered a lot less Americans than illegals from Mexico.

David from Abilene said...


I don't know G.W. personally, but I have close friends that share a property line in Crawford and my Dad's best friend knows him well. I second D.J.'s remarks about G.W.'s honesty and values. He is a man of his word and that is what drives his detractors, not to mention the French, crazy! You cannot catch a man in a scandal if he does not commit one.
He is not a politician, but a leader who has to make the unpopular decision at times. I do not agree on every policy, no one would, but I do respect his values.

Anonymous said...

"This is not to say that a Republican or Conservative may not disagree on a given issue or plan of action. I certainly differ from President Bush on certain items."


Jim Edholm said...

DJ --

I'm sure your volume will pick up as elections near, given your analytical expertise. I agree that W is an honorable man, and his suggestions DO make a fair middle ground.

Keep up the sane commentary.

Jim Edholm

JAINPHX said...

G. W. is more than an honorable man,he's had to fight an unhonorable man in John Mccain causing him more problems than any he got from Dimmi order to get his agenda through he had to sign Campaign Finance. Then Mccain voted against tax reduction any way.No president has had such an enemy in his own party at least none that I can recall.

owl said...

I hope all keep writing about the character of George W Bush. This was a good one DJ.

If you have not read it today, may I point you to a trip down memory lane, so real it will bring a tear. It will also shame many if they are capable of shame. They should be forced to read it once a day for a week at

Just don't miss this one!

Anonymous said...


of course, within the context of nothing being perfect...

Nice Article Mr. Drummond.

Best wishes...