Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hang Right Politics


The Blogosphere got a little bigger today, and a little better, with the opening of 'Hang Right Politics'.

HRP will discuss elections, politics, and national issues from the right-handed perspective. I should also mention that there is a Texas flavor to the place, which is always a plus.

Please give them a visit!


Jeanette said...

Thanks for the plug, DJ! Love you!

Postmodern Pundit said...

Jeanette, Kathy, and COgirl! Three of my favorite commenters from Polipundit have their own group blog? I'll definitely be bookmarking this one.


Stephen Johnson said...

I'll add this to my blogroll, since I'm spending less time at PoliPundit. Good to see some familiar names

Steve Falcon said...

Thanks for the new blog mention, DJ! I really like what I've read there and the lay out is great.

I'll add a link to my blogroll. Thanks again!