Monday, May 22, 2006

Thoughts On The Future


For those interested in how the five writers from Polipundit are doing as the first week since the PoliNova blew, a brief rundown:

Jayson Javitz: Closed his personal blog, “Political Vice Squad”, several months ago, and has no plans to re-open anytime soon. Jayson is teaching as well as running his own legal practice. He might be lured out to do a guest piece once in a while, but cannot say if and when that might happen.

Alexander McClure: Does not have a personal blog. Alexander joined Redstate last week, which pulls between 15,000 and 30,000 hits a day.

Polipundit: Has turned his group blog into a personal blog. Polipundit was pulling just over 15,000 hits a day when things got ugly; his pace since the 17th has been dropping a bit, and now averages around 8,000 a day.

Lorie Byrd: Her personal blog, “Lorie Byrd”, was pulling around 350 hits a day before the blow-up, but is now cruising at a steady 2,000 hits. Lorie has just announced she is joining Wizbang!, which presently averages a very nice 48,000 hits a day, but which will be likely to do even better with Lorie’s addition.

As for me, I am presently at a pace to average 600 hits a day, but that’s started to slow a bit, and may drop down to under 500 for a steady pace. Even so, it’s significantly better than I saw before the Big Boom, and I thank you all very much for that.

I do not know what my plans are, in terms of joining another blog. To be honest, I had hoped to talk the other writers into a new group blog, but that is not going to happen now.

One thing I will have to keep in mind, is to make sure it’s a good fit if I join up with someone else. One obvious need is compatibility with anyone I share space with, and in addition, since I will be starting my MBA studies this fall, that will also be likely to impact my blogging, if only in that I would be doing a lot more business-related articles. I have four priorities where blogging is concerned:

It has to be authentic for me, not packaged because someone thinks ‘x’ is the flavor of the month;
It has to be fun sometimes, and change the mood from time to time
It cannot get in the way of my family
It has to be good for blogging, good for Conservatives, and good for America

One thing you can count on – whatever I decide, I will be sure to let you know, and as always I respect and appreciate your comments.


Tryptich said...

Keep at it, DJ. If you are really looking for constructive ideas, here are some:

* I hope Jayson might be persuaded to come onboard with you. I was a little critical of Jayson's posts covering too many topics to talk about, but I think he has a voice that needs to be back online.

* I hope you will consider doing some 'quick hit' linking - sort of like Glenn Reynolds, Charles Johnson or Michelle Malkin ... "hey, look at this" links. You are obviously broadly read, and you must read a lot of source material and other commentary. A couple of pithy links a day, combined with in-depth pieces, would help keep up output (yes, we are selfish swine but we are here aren't we?) But reading what you read helps to broaden me too.

* when you do post a more in depth post, leave a hook to ensure some commentary. Not a criticism, but I find many posts here thoughtful but not necessarily inviting any comment. Unlike you're named Glenn or Michelle, or blog at Powerline, good comments create interest. It will work for you.

* tell us what is going on of note in your 'neck of the woods'. I like how I've learned about Minneapolis and Minnesota politics from Captain Ed and Powerline; or Los Angeles from Patterico. I am sure there are Texas bloggers but I don't know who they are. Your MBA program will be interesting ... going back to the heart of academia.

Just my .02, which isn't worth much I know. I cannot help but think production and links will be positive for this blog. And all you need to do is look at Poli .. he has had one post since Sunday. It's kind of sad, really.

Best of luck. The sky is really the limit for you.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I happened upon PolPundit just after the flameout, however I have managed to bookmark both this site and Lorie's.

Good luck to you all, and I look forward to reading more from you ;-)


MFG said...

Add a guest blogger or two, improve the site graphics and try to talk Jayson into posting occasionally & hang in there!

You have real writing ability!

I agree with tryptich's comment that it would be good for you to write a piece so as to invite comments.

Mark L said...

D. J.

I can catch you here, and Lorie at Wizbang (which was one of my favorites, right next to Polipundit before it became Follypundit), and Alexander at Redstate (although I find it hard to navigate Redstate). That means the real loss is Jayson. I really enjoyed his posts "talking" to liberals.

Anyhow, it is not as convient as having the four of you together, but we don't always get what we like in this wicked world, anyway.

For the duration, until you join another blog, I will be here, reading your insights. I don't always agree, but more often than not I do. Besides, good people CAN disagree -- it does not necessarily mean either is wrong. (Only that both use different bases for their conclusions.)

So, I will be around pulsing your hit count.

Anonymous said...

I, too, hope you join another group blog, which I find really useful for covering a broad range of topics and for reading differing opinions. There are 300 million Americans; no way can we govern ourselves and provide for our children's future if we won't compromise. I look forward to continuing to read what you write.

smh10 said...


You sound a bit reflective and unhappy when you write of not being able to put the old foursome together again on a group blog.

While I am one who would have been delighted to see that occur, it is quite obvious that everyone is taking the course which suits them and their lifestyle the best.

Perhaps you could sway a few others from sites that are relatively small to join you or "guest" on your blog. This might be the alternative to you finding a new home that you are happy with.

I agree with Tryptich when he says the quick hits are a great idea and I think those can encourage further discussion in your own comment section.

The hits per day are nice, and just sto and think what all of you did for can do this your way DJ. Your loyal readers will follow.

LB said...

Got you on the blogroll, DJ.

Anonymous said...

Good news about Mr. McClure...

Enjoy your content, it is quality not quality of viewership that is worthwhile.

Lorie is well served with her choice I believe, but 'Wiz' posted a pretty nasty item about GW some time ago... I believe the word 'hate' was used. We shall see.

On a different large message board, i notice with some sincere sadness, the mantra of many is now 'isolationist' and the embrace of Buchanan type rhetoric. This is really quite concerning and seems to be building.

What a dark world, and even darker future for the USA if we take this turn.

It would be nice to see Jayson return as well. He is free to crash my little site, you are as well. but you two would be wonderful together. I bet Mr. Mclure and Ms. Byrd would Join you everynow and again.

Anyhow, best wishes.

Anonymous said...

On my Blogroll!


Anonymous said...

DJ, you're now on my list of blogs to check daily. I sure hope Jayson finds a new blogging home - I enjoyed his sense of humor.