Monday, May 15, 2006

A Good Speech, A Good Man, A Real President


I don't have the time to do it up right just now, so for the moment I would just say that President Bush's speech on Immigration Reform was pretty darn good.

Of course, the muttering mob from the Left and Right determined to lynch him paid no attention, even if they claim they watched the speech. And for my opinion, if you did not bother to actually watch the speech yourself, you blew an important responsibility.

He didn't duck the challenge, the problems, the scale, or the opportunity. I wonder if anyone will give him the chance to lead, because where he wants to go would be really good for the nation and the party.


W.C. Varones said...

And how about that "back of the line" fraud?

Anonymous said...

"A Good Speech, A Good Man, A Real President"

I will second that.

Oak Leaf

Rich said...

I agree. I came here because I am completely disgusted with Poli. When NPR gives a better, more reasoned analysis than the President's so-called friends you know something is wrong. The fact that the President was so assured of himself despite the political pounding he has been taken gives me confidence.

John said...

I'll be a daily visitor now. Sorry to hear about polipundit. Good luck with your own site now.

The True King Carlos said...

Time to hype this blog man and turn it into a group blog with the rest of the Poli gang, other than the demagogue himself of course.

The True King Carlos
The leader of The Not So Stupid Mexican Clan

mvargus said...


I'll admit that Bush said what needed to be said from his perspective, and from what I've heard it was good. However, I'm still not entirely convinced that his policy on immigration is going to be positive in the long run. There are too many loopholes and a few too many unanswered questions still.

Its a good start, lets see where it leads.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

I took the time to watch it. My thoughts on it are at my blog.

W.C. Varones said...

mmmmm.... censorship!

a.fossen said...

I understand Poli is making some changes. I hope you and the three others will consider a joint site. I will be dropping Poli from my list of daily visits, and adding your site. I hope you will keep us informed somehow, here and on Poli, about what you plan on doing.
Thank you for your service,

Republicanpundit said...


Just bookmarked your page also.

You are also welcome to post on my blog.

If you are interested in starting a new blog, I would allow my nickname "Republicanpundit", which I think is a perfect name for us like minded bloggers,
as long as I can post on it.

David from Abilene said...


Dog gone it D.J. I never really thought it would come down to this. I have already bookmared your page.

When you are ready, if you could post some thoughts about poli. it would be appreciated.

It is sad when honest dicourse reaches such a level that reasonable persons can't agree to disagree.

I have also bookmarked Lori's page as well.

I look forward to more of your insightful posts and hope that cooler heads prevail.

northeastconservative said...

DJ -

I am a reader from Polipundit who encourage you and AKM as well as Jayson, Lori And new talent to keep blogging. I am sorry that Polipundit became so uncivil.


DJ Drummond said...

Testing, testing ...

northeastconservative said...

DJ -

Can you explain to those of us who have serious concerns about this Bush plan..... How is it that these workers will be temporary ? If we allow this huge influx of guest workers and they have children these anchor babies are all they need to stay forever. There have been some very legitamtate concerns raised by congressmen, Rush L., and many many others so that I find this very unsettling and unsure who to support.

The Listkeeper said...

Test complete.

The Listkeeper said...

Test complete.

Rich said...

I agree DJ. It's seems those of us on the right have lost our collective minds.

scmommy said...

I'll tell you like I told Lori, this is for the best.

And stay on Lorie about setting up a new group blog. You, Lori, Jayson and Alexander were the only reason to visit Poli.

Mark L said...


Adding you to my links.

Dropping Follypundit.

smh10 said...

DJ: Hope you guys all stay together.You all carried the water for Pole for the last two years and while I respect his right to do what he wishes with his site, I also respect those who choose not to read there anymore.

Love your work and the work of Lorie, Jayson and Alexander. Will be stopping by every day now.

Anonymous said...

DJ - Much agreed: Good speech, good man, good president. Punks like Polipundit never have the incredible pressure that Bush has to deal with on a daily basis.

Why should he have to kowtow to a bunch of blogger demands? I agree with what the Anchoress says about the Polipundit breakup. A little power from the Miers and ports deal has gone to the heads of the likes of Poli.

Bush has crafted an admirable policy for dealing with this issue. Now, we can beef it up a little more by adding in more elements from the House, and less from the Senate, and we'll have something workable.

--Big Mo

FedUp said...

Love you DJ! A shame you and Lorie have to leave. I have both of you on my favs and will check in everyday.

Hope to see lots of Poli commentors here.

Will Franklin said...

Seriously, don't miss this window of opportunity to start a new group blog. PoliPundit was an awesome site. I want to see you guys keep on, without Poli himself. You, together, really contributed something important.