Friday, May 19, 2006

A Prayer Request


The Anchoress’ brother-in-law is fighting cancer. It’s aggressive, and right now it looks like he’s losing. If you’ve ever had a family member fighting cancer, or if you’ve ever had to look Death full in the face, you can imagine what the Anchoress is going through. I know, not only because my father passed away just a few weeks ago, but also because my mother had to fight Breast Cancer some years back.

Please keep the Anchoress and her family in your prayers. Believe me, it means a lot. Thanks.


Scott said...

Best to you DJ. Been praying for her for a while. She is good people ;)

MFG said...

Of course

Ron Ballew said...

Absolutely, will put her on our prayer chain.

Steve Falcon said...

My mother is going through chemotherapy right now. I completely understand what the Anchhoress must be going through. God bless her brother and her family.