Saturday, May 20, 2006

Topic Discussion


"Waddayawanna do?"

"I dunno, waddayouwanna do?"

Thanks again to everyone for coming by. It occurs to me that one service I should offer at this time, is to pay attention to your interests. If you've read my stuff before, you know I like to fisk editorials, dissect polls, and review historical models. But what's on your mind?

Call it an open thread, with an ear listening for topics you'd like to read more about.


tom c said...

What does it take to get more positive coverage in the media for the American soldier, airman, sailor or marine? Maybe it is a culture thing, but there is a lessening of respect for the service of our volunteer heroes, past and present.

Further, I was shocked to hear Congressman Murtha speak to the guilt of the marines in the Iraq "rage" incident before they were afforded due process within the code of military justice.

Cynical Observer said...

DJ, my recommendation is to stay true to yourself, and write about what interests you, modulated only by the ever-changing hot topics of the day and whatever clues readers leave you in the comments section.

I will note that while the immigration "debate" (it hasn't been that for a long time) is going on, there are lots and lots of things going on the world that the usual pundits are ignoring - Iran, Palestine, Hugo Chavez's antics, etc., etc. - which would seem to be potential topics for your style and obvious interests.

Jeanette said...

DJ, Pick topics that interest you and something I can hopefully link to. We try to keep our politics kind of neutral/right as we are a Christian blog so we don't come out and condemn liberals as they are some of the ones we are trying to reach. Give us something we can all be interested in and I'll be happy to link to your posts. Not that I have such a big blog, but I would love to have people come over here and read you. You're on my blog roll but you know how that goes. Some read it and others don't.

Whatever you do will be great. Just be the DJ Drummond we have come to know and respect and not the one who got grouchy toward the end of PP.

Steve N. said...

Thanks for asking for topic suggestions, DJ.

My personal interest along with politics is the remarkable(seemingly daily) advances in nanotechnology, robotics, genetics and biotechnology and the mindboggling implications, hopes, and dangers they will bring for us all in the coming years and decades.

Those issues certainly carry equal or more important implications than does the issue that Johnny One Note over at Polipundit obsesses and rants about.

Justrand said...

While we all have opinions on a wide variety of things, from a healthy wide variety of viewpoints, there is one looming that should scare EVERYONE...Left AND Right.


Those on the Left currently LOVE this bias, because it is nearly 100% in their favor. And those on the Right hate it, for that same reason.

But ALL should hate and fear it because once you have such uniformity of thought and action in the media it becomes a weapon that can EASILY be abused. I believe it currently IS being abused.

The recent mergers of publishing chains foretell TIGHTER "groupthink" from the media. And even the so-called "independent" newspapers get most of their "news" from exactly TWO wire-services: alReuters and the Associated dePressed. Period. TWO SOURCES!

There's an old saying: "It's a poor gun that will only shoot in one direction".

Frequency Kenneth said...

DJ - Glad to find you here. I haven't been back to PoliWhatEverIt'sCalled in almost a week.

Anonymous said...

Compare and contrast Iran with 30-40's Germany. Aside from the current "dress code policy" they are entertaining, I am finding the similarities freighting.


BigV said...

I would love to see your take on the subject to which the poster just above me alluded. One of my favorite areas of interest is the politcal times of Great Britain as they mollified the doves amongst themselves and put Germany on a fast track to attempted world domination and the loss of over 20 million lives. Neville Chamberlin reminds me so much of the liberals today it scares me.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed how Polipundit's post rate has slowed to a crawl since the purge. Serves him right!

Rich said...

I say finish up your analysis of the President's proposal and move on to other things. I also enjoy your technical analysis of the polls. Like Jeanette I believe your internal sense will not lead you very far wrong.

Anonymous said...

Very Curious about Democrat Bob Torricelli involved with the UN Oil for Food Scandal...

Wasn't Marc Rich, who bought a pardon from the Clintons implicated as well?

Torricelli's dealings over Iraq contracts under probe

Noticing the coverage of this Democrat was promoted without his Party association being mentioned.

Who could have placed Robert Torricelli in connection to profit from the Oil for Food Scandal?

How many people would have the proper lines, to introduce him?

The Clintons?

Best wishes Mr. Drummond, and continued success...

Also, highlighting a few blogs you enjoy, would be helpful, besides the helpful blog roll.

Thank you

Tryptich said...

A mix of your in-depth posts and links to other blogs and/or news articles you've find interesting.

And let us know how ST is doing. And if you're keeping up the rest of the ex-Poli's.

Tryptich said...

And you could fisk the Chronicle, too ;)

Anteater said...

I'm into the topic of intelligent design, which can sometimes be controversial.

There are some good ID blogs around.

Joshua said...

I'd like to hear more on primary elections, and issues such as tax reform, specifically the Fair Tax. I don't see many blog entries about it on any of the high traffic blogs, and I would enjoy reading your take on it.

megan said...

I love your writing... it confirms my feelings. I am interested in an article examining the length Democrats go to for power, etc. I do not see it on the Republican side. Partisanship in MSM, the CIA (I feel the Plame/Wilson affair was a set-up), Rathergate, most recently the USA report involving phone records. Also, worth noting are the 6 generals that came out against Bush. I am wondering if such partisanship could be found in active duty enlisted men and women ?? I have nagging guestions about some events involving military events that are not of MILITARY CHARACTER.