Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Speech, Part 3 – Alien Entry Protocols


Doesn’t that sound technical? Almost as if I were discussing a process for manufacturing a product, instead of the fate of millions of people, huh. And that’s the core problem in this crisis. Both sides, those angry mobs on either end demanding they get everything they want or else the nation will be ripped apart by their tantrum, need to stop, cool down, grow up, and consider the other end.

This is not to say, of course, that everything one’s opponent says or wants is reasonable, or that the just agreement must lie somewhere in the middle between the extremes. For instance, the recent protests by illegals and their advocates were in large part sponsored by Socialist and Communist organizations which have a clear interest in destabilizing the U.S. Government; we owe no consideration, at all, to such people.

However, I agree with the President’s contention that in the main, these illegals simply want what we all want – the chance for a better life and to provide hope for their families. That does not make it right to break the law of course, but it does mean we have to be aware of the distinction between someone choosing the wrong way to pursue a reasonable dream, and someone pursuing an unacceptable goal. The sine qua non of this situation is that the borders must be made much more secure, against those who would potentially smuggle in WMD or terrorists, gangs and drugs. The obvious priority from enforcement’s stand, is to improve the triage of attention, to reduce illicit border crossings by giving better options to people who want to add to the welfare of our nation, instead of harming it.

A lot of complaint has been aimed at President Bush, for things done and said, and for things undone and not said. Almost all of these charges are unwarranted, as the responsibility for these issues lies principally with Congress as the Legislative body of American government, and with certain foreign governments, most notably Mexico, in failing to honor agreements in principle on which these initiatives depend. The Senate has failed completely to address its responsibilities in this matter, and the House, while recently passing a forceful bill which takes at least some steps, is guilty of dragging its feet for a long time. The steps proposed by President Bush go back to his 2000 Presidential Campaign, and are consistent in theme and direction. Secure borders, serious enforcement, and a practical plan to address those who are already here. Those Conservatives who want to trash the President now, might do well to explain why they have been silent for so long, when the President has been honest and detailed about his intentions and programs.

Anyway, to the task. President Bush correctly pegged two essential qualities of our border entry system; difficult-to-forge documents and a tiered system of entry, more simple but also more effective. Basically, if you have normal border conditions, you should be able to process the following types of people coming in;

1. Citizens
2. Legal Residents
3. Work-Authorized Visitors
4. Education-Authorized Visitors
5. Temporary Visitors

What all these people have in common is a trail of documents which can prove they are valid. And by documents I don’t just mean a Passport or Driver’s License, but a document which can be matched online to a databank with corroborating details, such as a photo or fingerprint. Unlike previous Presidents, Bush has pressed for more interactive cooperation between forces addressing border crossings, and to create programs which offer desirable opportunities for aliens but only in exchange for compliance and verifiable identification. Also, as President Bush has emphasized, the condition requiring a willing employer means that the location and activity of an alien entering the United States can be known before they ever set foot inside our border.

No plan demanding perfection is viable, and the United States will remain a place of mythic opportunity in the eyes of many millions of people. The best plan of action, therefore, is to reduce illicit entry traffic through the plan which best offers opportunity and specific identification.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, Drummond, I made fun of your wordiness diarrhea of the mouth at least a dozen times.

But you've now posted (I think) at least 5 threads since the last one appeared at Polipundit. And, of course, that one was a short anti-Bush immigration-obsessed rant.

You and Lorie have cranked out a dozen posts (and not little ones) since Poli last posted a word.

If you aren't still getting your share of the ad revenue over there, you're getting robbed. In fact, if you all were splitting equally - you were getting robbed.

I can't believe I miss you..

FedUp said...

One of the biggest hurdles to this whole illegal mess is the actual deportation of them. How in the world does a government like ours round up 12,000,000 people?

Some commentators on the Poli posts mention the detentions of Germans and Japanese in WWII. I don't want that happening today, nor do I think anyone not in the looney fringe wants it.

Your posts are reasoned and well-written. I agree that Pres. Bush has not changed his stance on this issue since 2000. He does agree security first, then we deal with the illegals.

Can't wait until your Part IV! And I am done checking Poli's posts. I don't want to give him the site hits anymore.

The Macker said...

Thanks for your dispassionate comments on immigration. Rational analysis has long been the province of conservatives.

This subject strikes me as an economic problem. Economies don't stop at borders. Relying only on a police solution will fail.

Bush is addressing both economics and enforcement with good will.

Cynical Observer said...

DJ, that first link you included was a most interesting glimpse back in time. In fact, if 9/11 hadn't happened and Bush had been able to proceed with the agenda he was sworn in with, all of this probably would have been saucered and blown and behind us, and everyone, including Conservatives, would have been pretty pleased with the progress made.

But instead we got 9/11, and much later the Miers nomination rebellion and melt down. Which pretty much reinforces the notion that timing is as important as anything.

Anti-Herman said...


Can you link to Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette?

Hardly and "apologist but not a true monnbat.

terrye said...


Thank you for being reasonable, I wish others would do the same.

If hardliners kill the bill in Senate now, it will be the conservative Republicans who will be saddled with the obstructionist label.

I wonder what the next meltdown will be over? It seems these people have to one every few months.

owl said...

Excellent DJ. You broke it down with what is needed.

1. Border security
2. Documents on all who enter

And by offering a hopeful future, a chance to actually put those documents on ALL that previously entered.

I was never against something being done about the border....quite the opposite. I know this particular issue, inside and out and from everyone's view. I want the border sealed and documents put on all. That last would never be possible without some type of moderation. That's another reason I felt such disgust over the far right's solutions. It was a recipe for keeping the same-o and they simply could not see it. The fight we have all just had has done more to keep things the same than almost anything. Only the blind....

Bush has not changed.....that was a false charge. You know it because you are a fellow Texan. I have even worried that he might be still seeing the problem with 1995 eyes...that is different from today. I want him to change....slightly.

The joke is on the ranters because Bush has not changed.

DIRTY BIRD said...

Back just some time before WW I we were invaded by mexican crinimals lead by PANCH VILLA they attacked the New Mexico town of COLUMBUS but when it was over the mexican invaders suffered the worse so now were being invaded again and this time our own goverment is sponsoring it well at least the politicians are