Monday, May 15, 2006

It Does Not Matter What The President Says Tonight ...


... the goons in both parties trying to tear him down have long ago condemned him for it anyway.

For those who have already castigated the President for a policy he never embraced or even proposed, words he never used and actions he never directed, nothing will be good enough.

If George W. Bush were to make a public appearance led by a vanguard of angels sent from God Himself, this crowd would declare that evidence that Dubya was already replacing his advisors with undocumented aliens.


Anonymous said...

Fine but on the other hand, you wouldn't believe Bush to be capable of doing something wrong if he was standing over a bullet-ridden corpse, holding a smoking pistol and shouting "I'm glad I killed the bastard".

On the subject of George W, the only person less objective than you is Barbara Bush.

B-bone said...

exactly right.

thanks for maintaing some form of rationality and sanity in this debate. I linked over from Polipundit before deleting that site from my favorites. I couldn't stand the irrationality being posted.

Not sure whether I'll watch or not tonight.

Unless the national Guard is deployed with sniper rifles, I'm not sure the deranged 'right' will be happy. I already know the deranged 'left' will not be happy if only because it is Bush talking.

W.C. Varones said...

Apparently, if illegal aliens pay a fine and then wait a while before becoming U.S. citizens, it's not really amnesty. No, they can stay here, avoid prosecution, keep working, keep getting free health care, keep getting free education for their kids, but that's not amnesty!